9,999 total supply
999 sold
Mint Soon
Owners Benefits:
As the owner of a Baby Hodla NFT, you will get access to our sandbox game, merch drop and worldwide exclusive parties:


  • What is the total supply?
  • A total supply of 9999 will ever be minted.
    666 of those are OGs and they have been sold out!
    333 have been sold to the public in phase 2.
  • Why on Polygon?
  • We will build our game inside Sandbox and Sandbox uses Polygon, which has low fees and is fast.
    Minting 1 NFT will cost you max $1 in gas.
    Your welcome :)
  • How will the minting process work?
  • You will need to have Metamask installed (desktop or phone), have Polygon Network set up and have MATIC token in your wallet. Make sure to have enough MATIC for the amount of Hodlas you want to mint. Gas fees are max $1 per Hodla. Amazing we know!
  • How much does it cost to mint an NFT?
  • Public Sale: 130 MATIC (i.e. 0.049 eth)
    Gas per NFT: 0.57 MATIC (i.e. $0,90)
  • When is launch?
  • Phase 1: launched on 13th Nov. and is now sold out.
    Phase 2: will launch on 27th Nov!
    Phase 3: is 2 weeks after phase 2.
  • How many can be minted by 1 person?
  • Maximum 25.
  • Will you use OpenSea?
  • Yes.